The Challenge

How we democratize the art investment while supporting artists and galleries?

A blooming art industry is known to have close ties with other sectors such as real estate and trading. Supporting the arts not only supports the artists, but also the communities. But mid-sized art galleries in some regions have been struggling to keep up with increasing rents in trendy districts, giving them less chances of survival and over time less access to investors. Democratizing and streamlining art investment while empowering artists and galleries could be a game changer

About us

We are a technology-based company that provides the tools to simplify the dynamics of the art sector from the point of view of commerce (electronic commerce), investment or both financial (fintech) and social (networking) promotion. We have more than 20 years of experience in the sector and we managed to balance the needs and deficiencies of the traditional market with the new technology. The platform is assisted with AI, machine learning, AR, VR and holographic technology to help increase efficiency in each transaction.

We connect people

We provide a social interaction platform where each member can exchange ideas, opinions, weigh prices, complete transactions, invest in and promote their favorite artists in an efficient safe and trustful way. Each assessment has different weight according to our system, weighing each individual or institution from its recognition and transcendence in the art market. Your interests are always worth …


Artists can use smart contracts to ensure the legality of their work with their promoters, achieve better deals with greater access to liquidity and be able to focus on their work as an artist 100% of the time and be able to sell all over the world.

We are the engine

Under the latest AI technology, machine learning optimizes our systems and with the help of augmented reality, virtual reality and holographics, we bring art to your home. In this way, we facilitate the transaction without having to physically visit the galleries.

Real-time Trading

The artexchange PLATFORM exposes in real time, through bids, the needs of sale and purchases as in a stock exchange. In this way, with a low spread and fee per transaction, the participations or ownership over art or art funds can be executed.

Galleries and Art Institutions

We provide a space for exhibition, investment, promotion and art trading with the latest technological advances.

How It works? Here is the business model. It has to be simple and clear.

Smarts contracts over future art production: a collector, an individual investor, a gallery or a fund can acquire, invest or promote art by purchasing a share of art or anticipate and invest in future art production through the legal smarts contracts. You can also invest directly in an artist or an artists' shares of funds.

Our app streamlines and promotes the match between the needs of users and that of artists from the point of view of sales or promotion as well as development. The exchange of opinions and ideas on the works of artists and those exhibitions provide spaces for virtual social interaction.


1. Smarts Contracts over future production of art: it would be propose for individual artists and groups of artist whose compound a art funds with future live production or current art.

Five artists proposes to produce 100 works in two years with strict parameters of quality, quantity, price and the art production as legal collateral backed from smart legal ownership contracts. Based on historical forecasts and future estimated price potentials. With the objective to meet at fairs with certification of renowned curators.

GoArts opens a fund for the emerging, mid-career or established artists for usd500k, with expected profitability upfront at 30% and a potential increase of 20/30% in relation with the current market works pricing. GoArt Fees 2% for management plus 20% on the expected excess profits. Potential final fund value: 1.5-2M. Only with original production without secondary market sell products as hand prints.

2. Open current opportunities, proposals:

Subvalue offer funds and individual works proposals over current art opportunities generated for GoArts team.

1 Funds
1 Artists
1 Curators
1 Investors


We provide the tools for the convergence of art with greater global exposure, greater transactions and investment capacity such as promotion of artists. Through this platform you can make virtual exhibitions allowing you to be inside a gallery as well as hanging a work or your house through holograms. With just one click you can acquire it or expose the need to sell (ask) or purchase (bid). Also it allows you to buy a project from an artists that you like while being backed by intelligent and legal contracts. Future contracts are a revolutionary concept from the point of view of the advance purchase of art and the promotion of the artist. Also allowing for the ability to access better prices and recommended shopping opportunities.

Founding Team

Isaac Perelman


Director and at Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami. He was president and founding member of MADA (Miami Art Dealer Association), Manager of Studio Services at. Magnin Co (L.A) and Communication Director for South America, Leger SA. He has 25 years of experience in the art executive sector. Outstanding network and expertise in the US and global art marketplace.


Ramon Justiniano


Manager and trader in the field of HFT (high-frequency trading) in the USA securities markets at Hold Brothers LLC. Experience as Manager and business developer in relation to a partnership agreement with World Trade Securities LLC (Canada). Partner and Lead Economist at Andean Crown investing banking. Independent Consultant in agribusiness, renewable energy, and finance projects. MBA and Master in Finance, Madrid, Spain.


Monica Sanchez Rubio


Executive director and Co-Founder of MQ Hermitage, an agency for institutional relations and communications. She has been director of institutional relations at RIA Miami, Commercial Counselor of the Norwegian Embassy in Spain (Innovation Norway) and Deputy Director of the Commercial Office of Mexico (Proméxico) at the Mexican Embassy (Spain). Expert in the field of the global business development.


Hernán Cédola

Global Artist Project Manager

He is a self-instructed modern emerging global artist. He has put up individual exhibitions in Argentina, the U.S.A, Bolivia, Germany, Italy, and Mexico. He was invited to a collective exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York. He attended to "an artist in residence program” in Dusseldorf, Germany at “Ateliers Hoerweg” founded by German artist Katharina Grosse. 20 years experience in the core artist's overseas and local sector.


Raquel Schwartz


Accomplished Bolivian artist, curator, and cultural administrator. Director of Kiosko Galeria, an independent space for contemporary art that promotes the exchange of experiences of international artists with Bolivian artists. Member of the advisory committee of CIFO, Cisneros Fontanals Foundations, Miami. Opens Nube Gallery to promote international contemporary artists. Studied Graphic Design in Wizo School of Design, Haifa, Israel and ceramics and sculpture studies at Santa Barbara City College, CA, USA

Alfredo Guzman


Dot Fiftyones Co Director – Alfredo Guzman and Chair for 2B Miami (non Profit Organization). Previously, he was part of the academic staff of the Buenos Aires State University. In the for profit sector, he founded Dot Fiftyone Gallery in 2003, that focuses on promoting emerging and young established artists from USA and other regions. Between 1991 and 1996 he worked in Argentina as Fashion Producer and Art Director for different local TV networks, magazines, the San Martin Theatre, and for Latin MTV Networks in Miami .Mr. Guzman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the Buenos Aires State University, UBA.

Juan Puig

Production and Media Manager

Executive Director and Founder of Venturasur Film Project, a Company that principal objective is to generate ideas for spots and publishing. As a producer executive worked in POLKA Productions, TELEFE and Ideas del Sur, the most important broadcast company in South America, Argentina. Currently, work as contents and business producer at the channel of Buenos Aires city. Studied Production at Adelphy University, Long Island, NY, USA.

Peijun Liu

Business Developer for the Chinese Market

Founder of international trade companies between China and Latam. Represents different Chinese enterprises in the Latam region. Outstanding relationships in the art sector with renowned Chinese professionals. He has an MBA and a master in financial projects.

Sponsors and Partners