About Collectors


GoArts aims to close the breach between contemporary artists and art investors-collectors. By educating collectors on our artists and their work, we hope to sshow them how to begin investing and patronage in art which suits their tastes and has potential to produce high returns in future. We offer a functional service which allows the investment and patronage of art more accessible and understandable for a global audience.
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Users can invest in future art production (graphic 1, see artist section) by promoting artists directly, or the possibility of investment in secondary market opportunities (graphic 3) directly related to (graphic 1) as well to profitable proposals generated by the independent Goarts team..

Users can participate by purchasing shares of investment funds in future production art. The group of artists that make up the production of the collaterals for the fund are selected by GoArts professional team and renowned advisors / curator in the market.

The funds, both (2) and (3), have strict parameters (upfront) of control during the opening and during the production process, (graphic1) “Artists section”.

The commercial and investment process is strictly backed by the smart contracts, as well as the inventory and storage in our backroom and the associated galleries.

Specifications: as expressed in graph 2, quality, quantity, time frame, copyright, commercial reproduction rights, initial investment , expected value of works output, value of the fund, ROI, etc. are specified under a legal structure supported by local and international jurisdictions to the production according to the constitution of the funds and /or works.

Goarts: manages, organizes, securitizes, safeguards (storage) the works produced as those that are commercialized within the secondary market.

Secondary Art Market Funds: As we aim to promote artists and their production, we generate a secondary market of works originated in (graphic 1, artists section) as proposals found in the market by the team among emerging artist, established, mid career and masters. Likewise (artist section graph 1), we use smart contracts for the ignite of investment as any commercial relationship between intervening parties. Our value in this case is to present upfront investment opportunities globally as well as in specific and particular cases.